Participant. I cut it in chunks the night before and spread granulated garlic all over it the night before and put it in the fridge. But remember to change bait ever twenty minutes or so. They freeze and refreeze with no problem. To make a small amount of catfish bait, place about 1 cup of all-purpose flour in a mixing bowl. do you cut the fish or just hook them. so it can be a crap shoot. What I’ve learned from survival training school, you can use fish, and animal, entrails as bait, even the eyes,(Which stay on a hook a very long time). Catfish are strong fighters, even the small ones, and they'll put your rod and reel to the test when you hook into one. Ironic thing is, people will use chicken livers in a dip bait recipe that they want to smell like, chicken livers. They’re messy, difficult to keep on the hook, and as a general rule there are far more effective baits available to catch catfish that are much easier to use and much more cost effective. A heavy action rod with stronger fishing line is ideal for landing big channel catfish from a boat, or the shore. I set the hook and got the fight of my life. If you follow the steps outlined above you shouldn’t need any of these to keep the chicken liver on the hook, but I want this to be a comprehensive guide, so I’ll cover them all. Water stained; 71 degrees; 1.44’ low. I’m an old dog, but I’m always willing to learn a new trick or two. S. Joined: Apr 2016. Have fun. Put two containers of chicken livers and a package of gizzards and hearts in a container together and let the bait marinate in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Is chicken liver the best bait for catfish? Dad using can corn. They are very tough and easy to keep on a hook, I defrost mine and precut them usually 4 baits per liver. Find a fishing hole known to hold channel catfish. I’ve used chicken liver for catfish. The thread is 99 cents at Walmart. To keep the bait on the hook, (I NEVER use treble hooks!) Garlic chicken is top catfish bait Phillip Gentry Catfish, Sidebars When times are lean for fresh-cut herring, you can try this garlic chicken recipe to tempt blue catfish. Largemouth bass are good. Just as I was pulling the hook out my friend caught one about the same size. When using chicken liver for bait, I've had the most success shore fishing in the back water of rivers, channels, or below a dam, using a rod holder positioned on the bank. Livers typically do not produce many huge catfish. Gary, check out the other catfish bait articles on the site. Well that didn’t happen so I decided to throw on a treble hook and slice off a hefty 3 inch long piece of deer steak. For the wire, I’ve upgraded to 26 gauge floral wire I found in my wife’s craft room.. comes from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby I think. I’m of the opinion that chicken liver is one of the most overrated, overhyped baits ever. Posts: 108. Took the boat out. Berkley PBCCD-CLVR PowerBait Chicken Liver Catfish Bait Chunks in Artificial Bait. Theyll find it. Chicken livers is the go to bait for most catfish fishermen for one reason. There are ways to keep the bait on longer. Asafetida is a spice used in many Indian dishes, it is also referred to as “devils dung”. The amino acids will trigger a response to feed. Old Man Liver. With their strong, meaty smell, chicken livers draw cats from broad areas. perch, shad, goldfish, etc. Catfish Bait Recipe #3: Old Man Liver. Treble hook barbs are very sharp and effective for setting the hook too. I’m not a professional catfisherman but I do love fishing every chance I get. I often will use several different baits. I think chicken livers, stink baits, and homemade baits are all part of a well rounded arsenal of baits. Happy Fishing!!!! I can honestly say that I haven’t baited a hook with chicken liver in at least fifteen years though, maybe even longer. Than one time I took a can of each, no bites on cheap type than switched over to the jolly green giant brand and BINGO the cats started hitting . Me and a friend went fishing last night and I caught 9 cats on it. Outdoorsman. im always up for more tips in catching beter catfish besides just using livers and night crawlers. Next I get a small ice chest and take my liver in it all day and it stays firm all day. Have a rag handy for easy clean up after handling them. Take a kid and teach em to be safe and enjoy it. Oh, I suppose I should explain a little. That isn’t true for the gizzards. I tried frozen once and was it a mistake, they were hard to keep on the hook and I never got bites. July 9, 2013 at 12:48 pm #1223032. Chicken livers are only one tool in the toolbox of a well rounded catfisherman. Treble hooks keep chicken liver on longer. Chicken livers are one of the best baits to catch catfish because they work. So what’s better than livers, cut or live bait? Garlic, anise, vanilla and even asafetida are often added to buckets of fresh livers to add additional scent. Put all 4 into the liver. You can feed the wire through the liver, netting, or twist the ends closed around the hook in any configuration you want… or, just put the sealed liver pill on your hook and it will be very hard for a small fish to remove. Yes I’ve used these also. I’m sorry again I do like liver I’ve got a better way to keep liver on a hook if anyone wants to see let me no its great. Use garlic in fresh or powdered form to turn a ball of bait dough or some chicken livers into what is commonly called stink bait. I thought that these two items were the best baits when it came to catching channel cats. I still use beef liver on occasion but it must be fresh. I guess catfish fishing just conjures up images of people sitting on the bank or in a boat, dangling a cane pole, next to an old Coleman lantern with chicken liver on the hook for bait.
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