Well, they are designed around our passions, future career opportunities, and academic needs. Learners must understand the career and learning opportunities aligned to the pursuit they are designing. The opposite of a learner with agency is a passive learner. This is where all stakeholders will start to see a visible change in practice. In "Learning Transformed," Eric Sheninger and Tom Murray tell us, “Student agency must become the norm, not the exception.” And, I couldn’t agree with them more. In addition to the learning specialist, we also have an employability specialist, citizenship specialist, wellness specialist, global resource specialist, and community coaches. My focal point project will be displayed in our outdoor learning space. For the learning team, learning means developing team and personal practices that will support the needs of every youth through the use of learner profiles; personal plans and pathways; multidimensional competency frameworks and evidence-based progressions; open-walled extended learning experiences; an interdependent learning network; and a transformation practice for policy and procedures. Currently, the pursuit that I am designing requires me to utilize my research skills and math skills to create a decorative attraction that will become a focal point of Norris Academy. The learning process for youth and the design process for adults empower all our learners to think and act independently—achieving their goals by actively getting involved, making decisions that impact their own experiences, and initiating autonomous learning. For youth, the first 30 days at Norris Academy begin with an orientation that includes a four-dimensional self-reflection. In addition to sharing our story with the participants of the workshop,… Whether they are considering how well they used their math strategies to solve a problem or reviewing how well they used the writing process in an essay, students begin to own their habits when they have to … In preparation, we brainstormed everything this year that contributed to students experiencing a sense of ownership over their own learning. Adults also complete learner profiles through which they determine who they are and who they want to become. Taking time to reflect and iterate through this process helps ensure our work does not become a fad and trail off when the next promising practice is developed. First Grade Learners from EPiC Elementary, MO, Designing a Health Fair website. What actually makes each project idea actually an example of project-based learning depends on how the project is mapped out and planned, what learning is assessed and how, the degree of agency and voice the student is allowed, the period of time over which the ‘project’ is ‘completed,’ and so on. This jumpstarts the process of becoming a learner and developing agency in their learning. There is a significant and growing demand for learners to be able to do more than receiving instruction, follow a learning path designed by educators and complete problems and assignments presented to them by an adult. In his explanation, you’ll be introduced to the word “pursuit”—what our youth learners call the process of identifying a problem and seeking a solution. […] There is a significant and growing demand for learners to be able to do more than receiving instruction, follow a learning path designed by educators and complete problems and assignments presented to them by an adult. Learning goals are typically expressed with action verbs that illustrate what participants will be able to do or demonstrate upon completion of learning. Through the design process, everyone at Norris Academy is encouraged to take risks and push the limits of what we believe we can do to change lives through the power of learning. Learner agency will develop when learners are involved in the whole learning process - including decisions about the curriculum itself, involving learners a lot more in the choices about the what as well as the how and the why of what is being learned. In these design sessions, the team identifies the most significant challenges and barriers to reaching the vision of learning at Norris Academy. The actions we take to “problem solve through challenges” are our “promising practices.” Promising practices become the framework that ensures Norris Academy’s vision come to life. Norris Academy’s focus on learner agency invites an entirely new way of designing learning and the structures that support it. The team at Norris continuously iterates during this step as different team members join the conversation to build and challenge the current design thinking. How to use agency in a sentence. Learner agency can be remembered as "voice, choice and ownership" which Bandura says "enable[s] people to play a part in their self-development, adaption, and self-renewal with changing times" (in Learner Agency, IB 2018). This is where we take advantage of our five levels of input strategy; these include: Directors, Specialists, Coaches, Learners, and Extended Community Members.
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