He voicesAsahina Subaruin the Brothers Conflict series, as well as performed the Ending Theme14 to 1. Daisuke Higuchi (樋口 大輔), a Japanese female manga artist best known for her work on Whistle! Daisuke Ono (小野 大輔 Ono Daisuke), born May 4, 1978 is a Japanese voice actor who works for Mausu Promotion. Daisuke Ono (小野 大輔 Ono Daisuke, born May 4, 1978) is a Japanese voice actor who won the 4th Seiyu Awards for best voice actor for his role as Sebastian Michaelis in Kuroshitsuji. seiyu, Daisuke Ono burst onto the scene thanks to his role as Itsuki Koizumi in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, like several other people.He has quite a bit of vocal range, going from Hot-Blooded to The Quiet One on a whim. Key Visual # NFT representing 5% of Monaco F1 Delta Time track auctioned for $220K ; #Google’s AI … Leon (anime) Non-Pokémon series. Korean. File:Daisuke ono.jpg. Not related to Daisuke Ono or Yuki Ono in any way, although the three of them were in Kuroko no Basuke together and voiced three JoJos (Daisuke and Yuki voiced Jotaro and Josuke respectively, and having the same surname got him the role of Giorno). He was born in Kouchi Prefecture. Daisuke Ono as Phonsekal Laure. Most of the characters he voices tend to be Bishonen, as shown with his guest appearance in Lucky Star. Kenjiro Tsuda as Lero-Ro. He wears a white suit and carries a rose during his Lucky Channel appearances. Funny Love Quotes For Husband X Men Angel Wings John Stamos And Olsen Twins Full House Nike Hypervenom Phantom Neo Lime Dhl Express Airplane Naruto Tsunade Dies The Howl 1968 Laura Harris Chicken Tuna 2013 … Personality. Daisuke Ono(小野 大輔,Ono Daisuke) is a Japanese voice actor and singer who is most notably known for voicing the character Jotaro Kujo in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Bosch, Johnny Yong. He has won industry awards for his portrayals of Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler), Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) and Shukuro Tsukishima (Bleach). Please let us know which scene featuring which character is the best, and tell us why you think it’s awesome! Yutaka Kobayakawa is one of the main characters of Lucky Star. As a result, he almost never stays at his own home and instead spends time frequently at Yuuta's apartment, or at one of his affairs' places. He works as an independent voice actor. He is a good friend of Yuuta and a womanizer. English. He insists that his house is only for taking girls in. Daisuke Kasai (デースイク・かさい) is a major protagonist in the ongoing fanon story "High School DxD: Of Kings and Pawns." Daisuke Ono: How to Recruit; Premium Draw: Recruitment Weapon; Dainsleif: ID: 3040001000: Char ID: 3001: Uncap Limit: Blush Value A value between 0 and 3. Daisuke Eiji (大輔栄治, Eiji Daisuke) praised across the globe as Hercules (ヘラクレス, Herakuresu) is the No. He is managed by Lantis. Celebrando Leonardo. Ehtou, do một sá»± bấn nhẹ mà ta lập một cái topic lảm nhảm này, ai có sở thích thì tham gia góp ý với nhau nha~ Ta sẽ tổng hợp hint, fact về và trans lại cho mọi người tung hứng muahahahaha Họ sở hữu… He likes collecting little Buddha statues and soccer. Ono Daisuke小野 大輔: Language: Japanese: Aliases: Nakamoto Shinsuke: 中本 伸輔: Nezumi Kouhai: é¼  後輩: Links: Official website Wikipedia (en) Wikipedia (ja) Wikidata Twitter AniDB MusicBrainz: Ono Daisuke, born May 4, 1978, is a voice actor from Kouchi Prefecture, Japan. Biography. 1 … Ono, Daisuke. Daisuke Kasai is the second child of the Kasai family, being predated by Ai Kasai; his older sister who, ironically, tends to follow him around most places he goes. His family runs a family owned business, and he has one older brother who is a veterinarian. Genzo, Japan's number one animal-loving pro-wrestler, gets transported to another world where magical beasts run rampant. Daisuke Ono(小野 大輔Ono Daisuke?, born May 4, 1978)is a Japanesevoice actorwho won the 4thSeiyu Awardsfor best voice actor for his role as Sebastian Michaelis inKuroshitsuji. #Daisuke Ono Brings Exotic and Nostalgic Mood in Winter 2021 TV Anime Kemono Jihen OP Song MV; #NY congressional race in doubt after uncounted ballots found; #Two killed, another wounded in California park shooting; #Main Characters in Chibi-form All Gather in Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! He won the 4th Seiyuu Awards for best voice actor for his role as Sebastian Michaelis in Kuroshitsuji. Daisuke Ono (小野 大輔 Ono Daisuke) is a Japanese voice actor, singer and radio personality born in Kochi, Japan. Endou Daisuke (円堂(えんどう) 大介(だいすけ)) was Endou Mamoru's grandfather and the original Inazuma Eleven's coach. In episode 21, he escaped an angry Minoru along with Akira Kogami.. Kemono Michi: Rise Up (旗揚!けものみち Hataage! Daisuke Ono (小野 大輔 Ono Daisuke) is a Japanese voice actor for the Pokémon Anime. Related searches. Daisuke Hasegawa (ハセガワ ダイスケ, Hasegawa Daisuke) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and performer, usually playing electric guitar or choral singing. Roles Characters. Manga artists. Voiced by: Daisuke Ono (Japanese) University freshman of Tama University School of Literature. It is used exclusively for Nina Drango's skills. is a Japanese voice actor who has contributed work for the Japanese dub of the Sonic Hedgehog series. Daisuke Ono was a Lucky Channel host that replaced Minoru Shiraishi for two episodes. Voiced by: Daisuke Ono Romio's older brother, and the Head Prefect for the "Black Dogs" dormitory. Daisuke Ono was born in Kōchi Prefecture, Japan on May 4, 1978. Daisuke Ono (小野 大輔, Ono Daisuke?) The Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) manga series created by Toboso Yana enlisted Daisuke Ono for the main role and people expressed their skepticism about it – mainly due to the fact that OnoD was best known for goofy characters rather than stoic, cold ones and that it had been rumored all along that Toshiyuki Morikawa would be the one to take the role. 12-09-2015 - Đây là couple seiyuu mà ta yêu thích nhất. 1 Quotes 2 Likes and Dislikes 3 Appearance 4 Personality 5 Biography 6 Soundtracks 7 Gallery 8 Trivia "Oh no! Characters 91075 > Traits 2777. s103; history; Report an issue on this page. The key art for the two characters were also released. 2015 Mar 28 - View and download this 700x841 Ono Daisuke (Character) image with 21 favorites, or browse the gallery. Daisuke Ono as Phonsekal Laure . Ono has left Mausu as of February 2016 and is currently working freelance. Voice Actors. When he was hiding his identity, he went under the alias Araya Daisuke (アラヤ・ダイスケ). He is also the head of the Inuzuka household after his father's passing, and does everything he could to prevent the Inuzuka name from being tarnished. Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!) One of the more recent [when?] Apply for “Comments & Reviews” and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Best … He is however a very caring friend and will help out with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (TV Series 2012– ) Daisuke Ono as Jotaro Kujo Daisuke can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: 大輔, "big, assist" 大介, "big, mediate" 大祐, "big, bless" 大助, "big, help" 大典, "big, law/rule/ceremony" The name can also be written in hiragana or katakana. Search Daisuke Ono Anime Characters. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. 3,2,1...RUMBLE! Daisuke Ono, Takayuki Kondou's Navagraha -Virgin 9 soulS-Manga Ends in July (Jun 28, 2019) Kengan Ashura Anime's Promo Videos Reveal 74 Supporting Cast Members, Summer Debut (Jan 27, 2019) He is credited as Shinsuke Nakamoto in the adult version. A 2nd year student, he is serious and strict with the "Black Dogs", especially his brother. Ono commented on the casting, explaining that … 1 Generation of Miracles 2 High School Basketball Players 3 … Ono Daisuke 小野 大輔 . Visit & Look Up Quick Results Now On celebrandoleonardo500.com! The series debuted on Crunchyroll on April 1, and premiered in Japan on April 2 at … He was also the coach of Little Gigant and a temporary coach for Raimon (Chrono Stone). ORAORAdio (オラオラジオ) was a weekly web radio program hosted by Daisuke Ono W, Jotaro Kujo's seiyÅ« from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders TV Anime. Daisuke Ono (小野 大輔, Ono Daisuke, born May 4, 1978 in Sakawa, Kochi) is a freelance Japanese voice actor, narrator, and vocalist. She is the cousin of Konata Izumi and the younger sister of Yui Narumi. Click on the name or the image to go to that character's page. Streaming JANUARY 2021 Daisuke Ono (voice of Jotaro Kujo) Streaming FEBRUARY 2021 Yuki Ono (voice of Josuke Higashikata) ... We are collecting Best Scenes for characters throughout the animation series. Kenjiro Tsuda as Lero-Ro . This is a list of Kuroko no Basuke characters. Kemonomichi) is an anime adaptation of Natsume Akatsuki's manga produced by ENGI that premiered October 2, 2019. Japanese . I'm so tiny!" Fuji. Each session featured a guest appearance by the staff of David Production, as well as the cast of the show (often coinciding with their appearance in the anime).Topics vary, though are usually related to the TV anime. Jeong, Myeong Jun. Graduating from the College of Art at Nihon University, he began his voice acting career in 2001 after joining Mausu Promotion talent agency. He has also begun a signing career since 2008. Characters > Daisuke Ono Daisuke Ono Daisuke Ono temporarily replaces Minoru Shiraishi as Akira Kogami's co-host on the Lucky Channel when Minoru gets sent to Mt. 1 Filmography 1.1 Anime 1.2 TV series 1.3 Video games 2 Credits 3 External links Attack on Titan - Erwin Smith Durarara!! 1 professional hero in the world; standing as the paragon for strength and compassion among heroes worldwide. He performed "Great Days", the 3rd opening for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, alongside Karen Aoki, and has also performed the 2nd opening for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, "Uragirimono no Requiem". In 11eyes, he voiced for Kakeru Satsuki.