PRICES WILL VARY DEPENDING ON THE SPECIES OF OYSTER. The half sacks we got ran about 20 bucks. Despite skipping this step I am happy to report with confidence that I was food borne illness free. Oyster is the common name for a number of different families of salt-water bivalve molluscs that live in marine or brackish habitats. Seafood harvested from the Mississippi Sound supports a long linage of fishing families along the coast. So, in order to not interfere with this life cycle, oyster season was traditionally closed May through August. Some folks will do a quick boil with the oysters if they are worried about bacteria/rawness, especially when the season is just starting. Taking oysters from a closed area for any reason is prohibited. Oysters are typically sold in sacks, which have around 80-100 oysters. Thank the famed Gulf oyster for keeping oysters from being an exclusive treat. Fresh: Live Mississippi Gulf Oysters should be stored at 40–45 degrees Fahrenheit. They tend to be large, tender, meaty, and mild (due … Not long ago, the Gulf of Mexico produced most of the oysters in the U.S. Spawning causes them to become fatty, watery, soft, and less flavorful. You won't hear southerners bragging too often, as it's just not really our style. Gulf Region Oysters range from Florida all the way to Louisiana, and the Gulf of Texas. It is both tasty and efficient (or lazy). They are still natural-set, still wild, more or less, and still affordable–more or less. Sure, eat Gulf Oysters, but eat them cooked, not raw. If you go out wading in the Gulf … We typically have Florida and Louisiana oysters in stock and offer them by the dozen or by the case. Learn more. Nowadays, many of the oysters that are farmed in warmer regions like the Gulf Coast are triploids, which are bred to be sterile. Oysters are one of those foods you either love or hate, especially when it comes to the raw varieties. Overall it was smooth sailing. Louisiana produces the majority of Gulf Coast oysters. She and currently splits her time between San Francisco and France's Basque Country. Best Oysters in Gulf Shores, Alabama: Find 55,676 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of THE BEST Oysters and search by price, location, and more. New Orleans food delivered to your door. Even before the BP oil spill in the Gulf, Gulf Oyster production had been declining after a series of environmental issues. With docks all along the Gulf coast and over 20,000 acres of private leases in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Best Oysters in Texas Gulf Coast, Texas: Find 107,225 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of THE BEST Oysters and search by price, location, and more. For decades, if you ordered oysters on the half-shell on the eastern Gulf coast, they most likely came from Apalachicola Bay – an estuary in north Florida where freshwater rivers meet the Gulf … If you go out wading in the Gulf, you can see live oysters in places with shallow brackish water like estuaries and sounds. Cajun food delivered nationwide. The taste is said to be mild and delicate. Some people love 'em. Generally between Christmas and Easter is peak oyster season in Texas as the waters are cooler and risks from bacteria are lower. The shellfish anchor themselves to firm things under water like rocks, pilings, boats, tires and bottles. For someone looking to try oysters this is probably a good gateway to try them. Enjoyed this post? Recently, prospects for the Gulf region’s oysters have improved, thanks largely to damage-settlement funds resulting from the oil spill that devastated so many of the reefs a decade ago. There is no denying that the covid-19 pandemic has slowed consumption of Gulf of Mexico region oysters, as is the case with many other seafood species. Many, but not all oysters are in the superfamily Ostreoidea.. Depends on who you ask. Before taking oysters from any area for any reason, it is advisable to check with the Marine Resources Division (MRD) at Dauphin Island (251-861-2882) or Gulf Shores (251-968-7576). Closed Areas. It’s best to use Mississippi Gulf Oysters as soon as possible; however, they can stay fresh from 10–14 days when properly refrigerated. Most of the oysters eaten in the country came from the Gulf of Mexico before the BP oil-spill disaster. A freelance writer with an MA in English and MFA in Creative writing, she's written travel pieces for S.F.Gate, Fairmont Hotels, IHS Hotels, Jet Blue, Choice Hotels, Women of Green, eHow, Arizona Central and USA Today, among others. That has local restaurants turning to Texas for gulf oysters … There are several places throughout Seabrook, Kemah, Dickenson, and Galveston where you can get them. California, out-front on many such issues, has had a law in effect for 20 years forbidding the sale of raw, untreated Gulf oysters in the state. Now, there are lot of ways to enjoy oysters but first you have to get the stubborn mollusks out. Spoon-shaped, they are cream-colored or brownish when raw, ivory when cooked. There are some fancy ones out there but I got an OXO one for about 8 bucks on Amazon and it served my needs. When it comes to eating, I enjoy oysters raw- either putting them on a saltine cracker or out just eating them straight out of the shell with a dash of Tabasco or cocktail sauce and a squeeze of lemon. M (who is not a big fan) was like “if you like oysters that much, why don’t you write about them.” So I decided to grab some buddies and take advantage of the Houston Oyster season for a cook-out. If raw oysters is not your thing, another route is to char-grill them. This year I opted to get an actual shucking knife. If you have some cut resistant gloves use them (and if you don’t, get some!). Also, gloves are your friend. Oysters 3/4 inch to 3 inches and dead oyster shell > 3/4 inch may not make up more than 5% by number of oysters in possession. There are a lot of videos on how to shuck oysters out there so I won’t get into the nitty-gritty here. Oysters that are shucked in the colder months instead have a more desirable lean, firm texture and bright briny flavor. Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019. Among the many culinary options that … (Photo: Louisiana state contour against blurred USA flag image by Stasys Eidiejus from ), Gluten-Free Restaurants in Bethesda, Maryland, Seattle Fish Company of New Mexico: U.S. Gulf of Mexico Oyster, CNN: Cultivating a Demand for Raw Gulf Oysters Five Years After BP Spill, SpringerLink: Shellfish of the Gulf of Mexico, CBS News: How Dangerous Are Raw Oysters? Our juicy, plump gulf oysters are coveted by foodies all around the world and we are so proud to have them available and to support the community of fishermen behind the catch. NEW: Harvest of all wild oysters from Apalachicola Bay is temporarily suspended and on-the-water possession of wild oyster harvesting equipment (tongs) is prohibited.This does not apply to oyster aquaculture operations. Last but not least, an article about oysters would not be complete without talking about some deep fried oysters. Clean Mississippi Gulf Oyster shells and … Apalachicola Bay** NEW: Harvest of all wild oysters from Apalachicola Bay is temporarily suspended and on-the-water possession of wild oyster harvesting equipment (tongs) is prohibited.This does not apply to oyster aquaculture operations. Some 700 people have become seriously ill from the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria infection, said to cause excruciating pain as it eats its way through skin and muscle. Overall, while it is oyster season take advantage of them while you can and even if it is not raw oyster season there are several great restaurants that have do them well broiled, grilled, or fried. FRESH LIVE GULF OYSTERS Live oysters are weighed and inspected before undergoing a pressure washing process where oysters are handpicked for quality assurance. Some raw oysters from the Gulf of Mexico carry the flesh-eating Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. The largest remaining oyster reefs in the world are found in Louisiana. The r-month rule DOES matter. Louisiana your home state? This bacteria can be eliminated from oysters by treatment, but, at time of publication, the federal government has not stepped in to make this mandatory. Since the BP oil spill, those numbers have been way down, but if you see a generic oyster in a supermarket or a raw bar, it’s probably still a Gulf oyster, which is a strain of Eastern oyster. The evidence is is to the left. I shucked the left over oysters from the night before (that were on ice) and decided to do a mix of cornmeal, pepper, and bread crumbs for the batter and then fried them up in vegetable oil. Generally between Christmas and Easter is peak oyster season in Texas as the waters are cooler and risks from bacteria are lower. Overall, treat yourself on a knife and gloves if you are going to shuck yourself. We have teamed up with Leavins Seafood of Apalachicola Bay, Florida to bring you the best Gulf oysters from back home on the Bayou, home of the Tigers, home of Creole cooking and of course New Orleans or NOLA. Gulf oysters were first harvested by Native Americans, who had an easier time collecting the relatively stationary shellfish than mobile shellfish like shrimp. We have access to several different species and will be happy to source whatever you are looking for. I personally have not tried making them char-grilled until this year and I think these are going to be a must for me going forward. Raw, fried, grilled or stuffed…oysters are definitely a staple in Mississippi Gulf Coast restaurants. Make Cajun groceries online with Gilhooley's Restaurant. The lower salinity levels of the Gulf have protected wild oysters from certain diseases in a way that hasn’t happened in the Chesapeake. There was no 2018-19 oyster season on the Alabama coast. So the best advice if you are heading to the Gulf of Mexico? Some people hate 'em. Description. We are fortunate here in Houston to have easy access to fresh oysters from the Gulf of Mexico. Some types of oysters are commonly consumed cooked or raw, and in some locales are regarded as a … Before you and your friends or family make a trip down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you should especially look forward to one thing: OYSTERS! She has lived one the East Coast and the West, as well as Mexico, Switzerland, Italy and France. Today, less so, although the largest remaining oyster reefs on the planet are found in Louisiana. Oysters spawn in the warm summer months, usually May through August, although in the Gulf of Mexico, oysters spawn year-round because of the warm water. Learn more. But food is the one thing you might hear us brag about from time to time, because we know it's that good. If you know Gulf Coast food, you know these are great for po-boys or even by themselves with a Remoulade sauce. A combination of Parmesan cheese, spices, and butter with sauted spinach and fresh parsley is delicious even if not the most health conscious variation. For example, I have learned that a flat head screwdriver/hammer and a can-do attitude can be effective. Oysters taste best out of cold water, so I say to follow the frost line — southern oysters in late winter and early spring, northern oysters in fall, and everybody around the holidays.” Sherman says there are “huge seasonal differences in the flavor of the oyster, like vintages of wine. Aside from possible petroleum contamination, flesh-eating bacteria is a real and present danger. Teo Spengler was born in central Alaska and has been traveling ever since. Usually my grip was true, but I had a couple near misses this year and the gloves kept my oyster holding hand unscathed. In our case, my friend picked some up at TH Seafood in Seabrook. One learning I did have is gloves on both hands are good as it is possible to cut your knife hand with an oyster shell if your grip slips. In these gender-bending times, it's interesting to note that Gulf oysters are protandric, spawning first as males, but later, when they grow larger, as females. These have a very mild, sweet flavor since they grow quickly (most mature in about eight months) and are full of plump, succulent meat. Oysters Apalachicola Bay. Louisiana Gulf Oysters for sale. Oyster harvesting is prohibited in Red Tide, when harmful bacteria and toxins are most likely to be produced or absorbed by Gulf Oysters, which is why we source from local oyster farmers when the season isn’t ripe for the picking! Like crawfish and crabs, oysters are good social foods when in season. Like crawfish and crabs, oysters are good social foods when in season. (Photo: Louisiana state contour against blurred USA flag image by Stasys Eidiejus from ). Gulf Oysters spawn in the summer, and some think they don't taste as good during this time. RAW OYSTER DISCLAIMER: If your oyster shell is cracked, it smells foul, or the shell is open before you go to pry it open; do not eat the oyster. We lapped these up pretty quickly. We are fortunate here in Houston to have easy access to fresh oysters from the Gulf of Mexico. © 2020 USATODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc. The ban is in effect every year from April through October, the months when Vibrio vulnificus bacteria are present. Prestige Oysters is one of the nation's leading oyster distributor specializing in fresh, shucked, High Pressure Process and frozen oysters. Here is a picture of some we charbroiled and they were delicious. Applying the HPP method to shucking, the oysters open without damaging the meat leaving you a perfectly shucked oyster. Season Closing (one-half hour after sunset) Open areas may periodically be closed by LDH for public health concerns. Oysters grow like weeds down in the Gulf. No later data was taken. Or maybe just go for the shrimp. In other words, because they don’t reproduce, spawning during the summertime is no longer a concern. Although those findings don't apply to the area as a whole, oil-related issues have prompted no government regulation of oysters. There are so many wonderful places to visit on the Gulf of Mexico that it could keep you busy for a decade of vacations. The freshwater of the Mississippi River that runs into the Gulf lowers the salinity of the water and contributes to making Gulf Oysters large, tender and meaty.