Aircraft for Sale - Single Engine Piston The average price for single engine piston aircraft is $325,334.00. We supply New Surplus, OHC, SV, As removed and even cores for training. Experimental 16. M03 mains and M03 rods; 505 OK! "All the good conversion parts". While we offer many engines complete, we also professionally dismantle many engines to augment our numerous purchases of new and used inventory. C-90 crankcase, tagged by CSI; will ship worldwide at buyer's expense. Also have a motor mount and cowling for Just Aircraft Superstol. view sellers classifieds listings to buy a new or used twin piston aircraft advertised for sale. New 3882-series Cylinder Base Nut Wrenches feature a 12-point thin-walled hex head, and a 15" span for use with any Continental and newer Lycoming engines. 235 Series. 2 and 4 stroke. Prop Shaft is reconditioned (M10) and tagged/8130 from AEA. Posted December 2, 2020, 6 projects! 1 - 2 LW12966 Cylinders-TSN:126.3 Rpd(x1), TSN:413.9 Rpd(x1), TSN:661.87 AR/Serv(x3) $550-$1400 USD ea. Telephone: Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at Twin Piston Aircraft for Sale Twin Piston aircraft, like single engine piston aircraft, are ideally suited for owners needing to travel under 300nm without a fuel stop. Posted December 2, 2020, Continental Prop Hub Nut w snap ring P/N 21202 and 21203, 3 ENGINES GIPSY QUEEN 70 - 3 VG , 380 HP V.G.CONDITION & COMPLETE , W / MOUNTS , FROM DH-104, Telephone: One method is to do borescope inspection often to see inside piston cylinders without taking apart engine. Search, buy and sell new and used aircraft for free, only at Our global aircraft classified listings are direct from the owner or the selling dealer. Amphibious / Floats 57. Platinum Fighter Sales. Page 1 of 41 Piston Single Aircraft For Sale - 1017 Listings | Turboprops 315. Single Piston Aircraft for Sale. 307-742-2144 • Search aircraft for sale for free! Warbird / Military 34. Search aircraft for sale for free! The world of single-engine aircraft has expanded to include many quality models from Beech, Cessna, Grumman, Piper, Mooney, Stinson, and Bellanca among other companies. Can't find what you're looking for? p/n 15244-000J3...PA18/PA22,PA25 Personal check fine, Telephone: Being experimental this is sold as is. AVSTAR is the preferred Carburetor manufacturer recommended for use on Lycoming Motors. Posted December 2, 2020, SB9RN-4 (10-9534-5) Magnetos - qty 2. 770-584-1650 • Browse Aircraft for Sale. Phase 3 heavy crankcase w/CSI tag FAA-8130 for $6500; will ship worldwide at buyer's expense. Pre-Buy Inspections A small investment now could save major expenses later! Light Sport 55. Warbird / Military 34. In-stock and ready to ship! Every engine serviced as if it were our own, only time proven OEM parts, always a fair price, without compromise or surprises! Other aviation oils for sale here include instrument oils, gear oils, penetrating oils, aviation lubricant, compressor oils, mineral oils and pickling anti-rust oils. 9402325701 • (Bill Moja) Compare. 386-314-4455 • Prop strike. – (612) 860-9131 Posted December 2, 2020. 11 World War II Single Engine Piston Airplanes for Sale in North America. Make offer, Telephone: Price OBO, Telephone: All logs, no damage history, Telephone: Agricultural 3. 509-675-4775 • Posted December 2, 2020, 2 Univair pipe adapt. Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at Try the. 386-256-7052 • Cessna 172, Beech Bonanza, Cessna 182, Piper Cherokee, and Mooney aircraft for sale by dealers, brokers and private sellers. 904-998-9101 • Upgrade your Centurion 1.7 Engine For limited time, upgrade your Centurion 1.7 engine to a new Continental ® CD-135 or CD-155 Jet-A engine kit for a fraction of the cost. No Crankshaft. Posted December 2, 2020. O320H2AD in S Indiana Price: $135.95 Sale: $115.95 Qty MAGNETO SYNCHRONIZER (AVIATION DELUXE) Make sure its done right and never settle for less! New and used parts in stock. 550 hours since new Superior IO360 from an RV8 Propstrike inspection completed, new bearings rod bolts, Crankshaft certified comes with all baffles exhaust (one aft pipe requires repair) forward sump lord mounts governor, lightweight alternator. B Bailey Bailey C-7-R "Bull's Eye" 1927 = 140hp 7RA. Turbine Helicopters 114. Top manufacturers include CESSNA, PIPER, CIRRUS, BEECHCRAFT, MOONEY, and DIAMOND. Complete, bolt on. Buyer responsible to verify all specs. More Engines Available - Please contact us If you don't see what you need! Bailey Aviation Bailey B200 Bailey Hornet Bailey V5 engine Baradat – Esteve (Claudio Baradat Guillé & Carlos Esteve) Baradat toroidal engine Basse und Selve (Basse & Selve, Altena (Westf) Flugmotorenwerke) Basse und Selve BuS. Telephone: It may be of mutual benefit to contact us. Piper twin piston. Model No. You could purchase your engine(s) for an excellent price while we build our inventory of quality, affordable parts! This compact 18-cylinder, twin-row radial powered a huge number of World War II fighters, bombers and cargo planes, then went on to propel fleets of 1950s airliners. Browse Aircraft for Sale. Posted December 2, 2020, TTSMOH 1464 & 1472hrs Complete set of logs Both being sold as cores Both removed from PA30 Each core $5,000, Telephone: Dragonfly, Zenith 601HDS, Loehle Parasol, T18 N7JA. 01154147406346 • Lycoming’s four-cylinder 235 Series engine is a popular choice for home-built, as well as OEM-produced aircraft. Bed style mount. Agricultural 3. Posted December 2, 2020, (1) Large diam 520 12qt with stick$45+SH, good shape and readable Email PLZ for response, Telephone: This is where the customer always comes first! 2 and 4 stroke Rotax Heavy Maintenance Certified. We maintain trace and all log data on components and engines and parts. The Pratt & Whitney R-2800 was the most remarkable piston aircraft engine ever built. Parts are documented and properly preserved in climate controlled warehouse. However, the second engine tends to add payload and speed capability. View Details. On staff A&P and Light Sport Mechanic. Dodson International has an unmatched inventory of jet, turbine and piston engines, as well as engine parts Posted December 2, 2020, Yellow tags for crankcase, gears,crank rods. Posted December 2, 2020, Set of 2 LA 6 mags,harnesses,couplings,gears from 165 Franklin,as removed,can text pics, Telephone: 218-349-3341 • Single Engine Pistons 747. Attempts were made to produce the 2,800 hp (2,088 kW) engine after the war, but the time of large piston aircraft engines had passed. Purveyors of quality, high-performance piston & turbine aircraft since 1999. 734-637-3888 • Lyc narrow.Located in Raleigh NC KJNX, Telephone: Posted December 2, 2020. Mathis Vega 42-Cylinder Aircraft Engine-The Mathis Vega was a French 42-cylinder aircraft engine built just before WWII. 500+ Single Engine Piston Airplanes for Sale in Europe. With models producing up to 125 hp at 2,800 RPM, this engine powers many aircraft around the world. 1,114.3 SMOH in 2015. Twin Engine Pistons 238. Single Piston Planes for Sale Single Engine Piston aircraft have been produced in large numbers since the 1920s, and are ideal for journeys transporting as many as four people up to 300 nautical miles. The Piper Seneca is a powerful twin-engine aircraft, boasting several prominent differences compared to its piston-twin competitors. 3 inch prop extension for Lycoming engines, Telephone: Posted December 2, 2020, Brand new still in box. Lycoming O-360-E1A6D crankshaft has M03 mains and M06 rods; Will ship worldwide at buyer's expense. Full gearbox and carburetor services. Posted December 2, 2020, Eight Spark plugs, fine wire, URHM 38 S, standard reach, 117 hours in use, Telephone: ENGINE BUYERS: If you are in the market for an engine you do not see listed, please let us know. Engine Notes: * ENGINE SMOH BY MAGNUM A/C ENGINES IN 2006 … 1980 TR182 (Turbo 182RG) - Only 2070 Total Tiime - very clean aircraft - 265 SMOH, Garmin 430W & GTX345 w ADSB in & out, graphic engine monitor, fuel computer, $169,000. Posted December 2, 2020. Turboprops 315. From the iconic Cessna 172 to the elegant Gulfstream G650ER private jet. ... Engine Notes: Allison V-1710-115 265 Hrs SMOH by Cascade Engines, WA. Posted December 2, 2020, Cessna encoding altimeter, worked fine when removed 03/2017. ... 73851 PISTON (QTY 4) 60827 PIN - Piston (QTY 4) 60828 PLUG - Piston pin (QTY 8) 71828 CYLINDER & HEAD ASSEMBLY Plain 73806 ROD ASSEMBLY Push (QTY 8) Since 1995 we have listed thousands of airplanes for sale, private jets for sale, piston aircraft for sale, helicopters, experimental, Light sport, commercial, turboprop aircraft and Amphibian planes. 3864052701 • Brand New, in box. Hablamos Espanol y nos especializamos en venta, compra y exportacion de aviones. 7179946190 • Turbine Helicopters 114. Personal Aircraft Locator Please contact us If you don't see what you need. Aero Recip Maintenance Release tags - $150 USD each Outright, continental 0300D oil sump, accessory case, camshaft, crankshaft with connecting rods, Telephone: Telephone: Terms of UseContact Us 207-632-8385 • 231-675-6307 • Browse eBays listings for each of these brands and more for aircraft in new, used, and certified pre-owned conditions to find a model that fits your budget. 72 Single Engine Piston Airplanes for Sale Worldwide. We have all types of items to meet your needs at prices you can afford. Brian G. Harrington-Light Sport Inspection & Repair LLC is the leading Authorized Rotax Repair Center in the Midwest! Amphibious / Floats 57. Slick mags, no carb. Phillips aviation oil is designed to reduce sludge while protecting piston aircraft engines for a longer life and improved performance. Search our listings for new, used, & overhauled aircraft engines updated daily. Has the RWS Redrive and Engine monitor. Aircraft Piston Engines, Continental, Lycoming and Pratt & Whitney Piston … Visa, MasterCard, Discover. MAZDA 13B ROTARY ENGINE • $12,000 • MAKE OFFER • For Sale is a completely converted Mazda 13B Rotary engine, estimated to been built in late 90s early 2000s. 9789143138 • Virtually new engine. Piston Helicopters 30. VIKING 180 HP AIRCRAFT ENGINE • $16,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Viking 180 hp aircraft engine - 50 hours TT - exhaust, radiator, wiring harness, ECU and oil cooler are included. Redondo Beach, California. Posted December 2, 2020. Contact Tim Glover for more information. has twin piston aircraft for sale, including used Piper, Beechcraft, and Cessna airplanes. Our purchasing department is daily in contact with sellers of aircraft and engines and may have just what you need in a prospective purchase. Our experienced staff offers direct sales, acquisition, and brokerage services for numerous makes and models of aircraft. One of the most important and valuable parts of your aircraft is the engine. Posted December 2, 2020, Telephone: Today they are enjoyed by trainee pilots, flying enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs around the world. Phone: +1 951-366-7006. visit our website. A 4-cylinder turbocharged and FADEC controlled piston aircraft engine with 205 hp of takeoff power. 0115491149709177 • Fax: 386-256-7052 • Compare price and specifications and contact sellers directly. View the entire inventory of new & used single engine aircraft for sale at Twin piston aircraft can fly faster and further than most single piston aircraft.This makes them ideal if you travel great distances for your business or for your personal use. Antique / Classic 33. 150 hour inspections, exceptional engine overhauls. Experimental 16. Browse a wide selection of new and used Piston Single Aircraft near you at Aerobatic 21. Tagged by AEA, and comes with 8130 paperwork; will ship worldwide. Telephone: Engines are removed from salvaged aircraft. Learn More. Find a Single Engine Piston aircraft advertised to buy via the classifieds listings placed on the aviation global network - The Aviation Market Place to sell single engine planes We strongly urge you to inspect the engine prior to purchase. Find hundreds of single engine piston aircraft for sale like the Cessna 172 or the Beechcraft Bonanza they vary in prices due in part to the age of the aircraft, maintenance and equipment installed. 469-714-0749 • Only ran on a test stand. © Copyright Dodson International Parts, Inc. All Rights Reserved. First time buyer? O-320-A2B, LOW times 202 SMOH, needs cam/lifters. Piston Military Aircraft For Sale 1 - 25 of 67 Listings. Aerobatic 21. 610-322-2206 • Jets 952. Engines are offered for sale in as is condition with no possibilities of a return. It is very important to have a healthy engine for piston engine aircraft owners / pilots. Dodson International has an unmatched inventory of jet, turbine and piston engines, as well as engine parts In-stock and ready to ship! Piston Helicopters 30. Aircraft Engines, Piston Engines, & Turbine Engines for sale at Trade-A-Plane. 575-567-3401 • Find Out More Fax: 904-998-9102 • LVC-5-5BPA. Antique / Classic 33. Search our listings for used, new, overhauled airplane engines updated daily from 100's of private sellers & dealers. Jets 952. Home|PARTS SEARCH | Turbine A/C Support | Engines,Props,GSE | Inventory by A/C Make | Parts List | Sell Items. Turns over. We have 2 170PPM Aircraft Piston Engine For Sale. Light Sport 55. Telephone: 3069611309 • 509 222 0524 • Single Engine Pistons 748. Twin Engine Pistons 239. Crank and Case guaranteed to pass sudden stoppage inspection. Posted December 2, 2020, AVSTAR Carburetor Part No.AV10-4164-1.
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