FY 2020-2022 Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives. An agency strategic plan is one of three main elements required by the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993 (P.L. PLEASE USE ATTACHED RESOURCES TO ASSIST WITH ASSIGNMENT December 1, 2020. We know our nurses are the heart of patient care at HCA Healthcare, and we are increasing our commitment to the support and professional development of our nurses so that we can continue to fulfill our mission of caring for human life. A nursing strategic plan can incorporate nursing research activities by defining nursing research as a strategic objective and developing tactics toward the creation of a nursing research agenda. Nursing Strategic Plan. MISSION: Innovative leaders transforming health. For our nursing team, strategic planning is the foundation for determining that direction. Here are some of the reasons why a nursing strategic plan is considered as an essential document: A nursing strategic plan presents the vision and goals of the organization. Our values (empowerment, innovation, caring, social justice, and integrity) frame our mission: “We educate and inspire leaders to … As a school of opportunity, Eastern Kentucky University fosters personal growth and prepares students to contribute to the success and vitality of their communities, the Commonwealth, and the world. In this month's Magnet ® Perspectives, we unpack the essential elements that make a strategic plan effective, how to create and implement a plan … When nurses are supported and valued, we know the organization as a whole is uplifted – all to the benefit of our patients. The terms "HCA" or the "Company" as used in this website refer to HCA Healthcare, Inc. and its affiliates, unless otherwise stated or indicated by context. A strategic plan is a dynamic document or presentation that details your company’s present situation, outlines your future plans, and shows you how the company can get there. HCA Healthcare Data and the Affordable Care Act. Every patient encounter addresses mobility. Patient safety is defined as “the prevention of harm to patients.” The Department of Nursing Safety, Quality, & Performance Improvement is responsible for the oversight of efforts to prevent nursing-related adverse outcomes and plans to address and remediate adverse outcomes when they do occur, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, The Blavatnik Family – Chelsea Medical Center, Heart - Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Center for Nursing Research and Innovation, Mount Sinai – Sema4 Health Discovery Initiative Patient Opt Out Registry, Every patient encounter begins with “What matters most to the patient and/or family during this shift?”, Every patient feels that they are treated with courtesy and respect, Every patient feels they are listened carefully to, Every patient feels that they understand nurses’ explanations, Every patient with pain is identified and each encounter includes a discussion of pain and pain management, Every encounter includes a holistic approach: “rounding for outcomes”, Every patient with delirium is identified and provided with targeted interventions, Every patient encounter addresses mobility. I look forward to working with you putting the strategic plan into action. The Department of Nursing will continue to promote safety, quality, and patient satisfaction with purposeful rounding for pain, toileting, position, and possessions using the tenets of Relationship-Centered Care in all interactions. In a period of constant change in health care, the Nursing strategic plan spans the next three to five years and outlines many challenges to overcome, while remaining flexible and embracing the many unknown changes and challenges that lie ahead. Parkland is more than a health system. Terms of Use This is included in the PHR hourly check in, Every patient and/or caregiver understands elements of medication adherence including side-effects, Transdisciplinary teams that are reliable, proactive, and responsive, and that reward and recognize staff provide foundation that ensures sustainable valued based care, Every patient receives the right care at the right time, by the right team, in the right setting at the right cost, The value of stewardship is practiced by eliminating avoidable overtime, Improvement of the Nursing Peer Review process to enhance efficiency and efficacy, Ensure nursing accountability through all phases of the adverse event response cascade by having nursing leadership representation in every step of the process, Improve and standardize the dissemination of quality data to all nursing staff, Implement improvements to our practice validation methods, Improve pain management through consistent nursing communication with patients about their pain goals and compliance with pain screening, assessment, and reassessment, Improve the prevention of HACs through standardized measurement of both incidence and prevalence, effective reporting, and enhanced nursing practices, Enhance the capacity of nursing staff at all levels to lead and participate in performance improvement initiatives using the Lean for Healthcare model. | Notice at Collection Clinical nurses as bedside scientists elevate the profession and the practice of nursing. NMH Nursing Strategic Roadmap Nursing Strategic Roadmap. The term "facilities" refers to entities owned or operated by subsidiaries or affiliates of HCA Healthcare, Inc. References herein to "HCA employees" or to "our employees" refer to employees of affiliates of HCA Healthcare, Inc. Get information on our enhanced safety protections.
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