Plan is to have only rippers in reserve. 10x Pathfinder: 10x Markerlight, Tactical Drones [6 PL, 120pts]: 12x MV4 Shield Drone, ++ Auxiliary Support Detachment -1CP (T'au Empire) [7 PL, 144pts] ++, + HQ +Commander in XV8 Crisis Battlesuit [7 PL, 144pts]: 4x Cyclic ion blaster, Created with BattleScribe (, © MiniHeadQuarters - A question, a suggestion? Sujet: [Liste] Tau 1000 points Ven 28 Juin - 11:18 Hello, Alors l’objectif est de sortir une liste Tau à 1000 point intéressante à jouer et à affronter en milieu plutôt amical que dur At 1000 points, there isn't a whole lot of strategizing going on, but it's a lot more than at 500 points. With so few pulse weapons in this list from 15 pathfinders (who will likely be using their Markerlights instead) and 15 fire warriors, 3 pulse accelerator drones is over the top, one maybe two will do find. Handing better guns to my Pathfinders does seem like a better use of points than having redundant range buffs. Stingwings (Fast Attack) - a broken, expensive unit (point and money wise), their use is tricky, even in the 6th edition. Modifiée il y a 7 h. [2000 points] Test x Par Axel.langlois. Modifiée il y a 9 min. The Stealth Suits and Ghostkeel deploy as a group to grab an objective or control part of the board, while the Fire Teams can threaten enemies as far as 42" away. I have a pretty substantial pool of … Press J to jump to the feed. I have yet to beat them. The Pathfinders will mostly hang back and apply Markerlights from cover. Hey guys, I posted a few days ago, asking where to start BA, just as an experiment, and I've decided to actually take the plunge. I've been obsessed with 40k for the last few weeks now and I think I want a 1000 point list, just to start ;) However, it's quite overwhelming looking at people's lists because I don't know what half of the stuff means/what is important. by HV911Apophus. Modifiée il y a 20 min. Share Thread. Labels: Army List, R'Alai, Skyler, Tactics, Tournament. Only the main army list may be used, so no appendix lists are permitted. Fire Warrior Shas'ui: Markerlight, Pulse rifle. Battalions only give 3 extra CPs not 5. ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (T'au Empire) [10 PL, 192pts] ++, Cadre Fireblade [2 PL, 42pts]: 2. The enemy will be closed enough for you to have range and the problem will be the charges - Id change this sept for TAU for the 5+ overwatch. I'm tweaking the list and I've dropped the Outrider detachment and moved most of it to the Battalion. This force mainly faces Space Marines, Necrons, and Plague Marines so it is built to reflect this. That would let me keep either the Drones or the Strike Team while still giving me some heavier weapons. Tau 1000 points zen. Modifiée il y a 1 h. [2000 points] Experience Par Zueiz. Agreed. Quote. List Tactics Infantry. Email in: 1000 point tau tournament list. Help with 1000 point list. Facebook; Twitter; Tumblr; LinkedIn; MySpace; Email; Go to. T'au and Sa'Cea seem like the only two that I'd want here, and the threat of melee means I'll probably go T'au. Here's a preliminary 500 Point force that I All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. They're all using Assault weapons (and one Heavy) so Bork'an is pretty useless, they have a high volume of fire so Sa'Cea doesn't give me much value, and I don't want to be close enough to use Farsight's tenet. I'm not sure you can have two Warlord with a signature system each. Ethereal [2 PL, 45pts]: Honour blade - WARLORD - trait Sdg : Trough Unity, devastation, relic : + Troops +Breacher Team [2 PL, 38pts]. Contact us: [email protected] Modifiée il y a 1 h. [500 points] T'au 500 Par Fanchouille. Required on document N = Name, P = photo A = Address, S = Signature You must supply at least ONE Primary document Foreign documents must be accompanied by an official translation Points … Vigilus Escalation League. Currently they're attached to the Tactical Drone squad, but I might switch it so the Stealth Suits have a gun and stealth drone each and make the squad into six gun drones and a shield drone. 1000 point list out of the Seraphon starter box. I only have one, though (Dynamic Mirror Field). Welcome to our 8th edition game we hope you enjoy the bout we have prepared for you to day. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Admittedly he'll probably die pretty fast if he's out in front without some shield drones nearby, especially with no invuln save. Most of the people in my area use the beta rules. Modifiée il y a 10 h. [1000 points] Test t'au Par Ghujuklo. If I can afford it I might throw a couple Fusion Blasters on the Suits as well, after I see how many points I have to work with. Technically not a concern, but our group usually follows matched play rules. Your perfect 500 point list. 40K Harlequin List - 1000 Points At the end of March I am going to Adepticon in Chicago and have signed up to play in The Long War Doubles. Totals: 7 CP, 2000 points. For The Emperor! Close • Posted by 1 hour ago. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. My thought was that this way my opponent would have to kill multiple drones to take away my range bonus but now that I think about it, if they're close enough to do that the drone isn't a big deal anymore. I was hoping for some help building a 1000 point list. 2 - Be careful with the new Beta Rules about Manta Strike - You will not be allowed to descend from manta strike in the 1st turn with your drones and protect your Coldstar! I dropped a squad and gave out some Ion Rifles, although the edits aren't final yet. Drone Controller doesn't care what the drones were attached to initially, so the gun drones can get the bonus if they're close to the Ghostkeel. The FAQ has some new beta rules, one is that Battalions and Brigades provide 5/12 CP instead of 3/9. 2 years ago. T'au Empire controlled … There's a total of 14 markerlights in this list, l've seen 2000 point list with no more than 7 and still perform decently just by rerolling ones and using seeker missiles, it all depends what bonuses you're after, l'd say 10 is still good in 1000 points. Firstly I’ll say this isn’t a full game. Close. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I have a friendly match on Sunday against T'au. July 19th, 2010 by Kirby Army Lists, Tau “Hey Kirby, I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I have to say that I’m a huge fan. This is everything i've currently got, plus a guilliman but i don't think he'll slot into a 1000 point list too well haha. Hey Guys, For those of us who are strapped for cash & starting out (or just love conversions) I have been playing with the idea of making a full 1000 point army out of the Seraphon START collecting box. Greetings people of the internet! Modifiée il y a 7 h. [1000 points] 1000 pts test Par Survivo. I'm still fiddling with how I want to organize them, but I made room for three shield drones. Though it may be worth spending a CP to get the Puretide Neurochip on my warlord, odds are good it would turn into a net gain in command points. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Thank you for your input, you've helped me a lot. Having drones deep strike along with Coldstar improves survivability, but they can't keep up with the 20inch movement. 1000 point list I'm new to Tau and I was hoping to get some critique on this list I've been considering. Because of this, an insanely common strategy was to load basically every single vehicle you fielded that could fit one with one, and with many guard armies that could be 6-7 vehicles on a 1000-point list at the time. Well the extra range is still-realizes that I have 36" on a 48" table without Bork'an-good point. I've done some research and I've drafted this up. anyway here is a list I have thrown together to get started playing with tau. 4x Fire Warrior. It's possible to have two signature systems, you just use the stratagem. Log In Sign Up. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to use Dal'yth the Commander will have a hard time staying behind a screen if he's taking advantage of that mobility, unless he moves from my deployment zone to join up with the rest of the Vanguard (we use beta rules in my group). Well, from my initial glance, if you really wanted to take gun drones on your stealth team, it could be worth it to drone controller for improved firepower. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. Something else capable of dealing with vehicles. I am hoping to do more of the same this weekend, but I also expect there to be a lot more LoS blocking terrain. 100 POINT CHECKLIST FOR IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS A minimum of 100 points of identification has to be provided with an application. Couldn't quite make room for another Commander (but edits aren't done yet, so who knows) but I did give my Pathfinders Ion Rifles to help out. My usual opponents are Necrons or Imperial Guard (the Guard player focuses very heavily on infantry). Speaking of which, there's no point of taking the drone controller on the Ghostkeel because the stealth drones can't shoot, take target lock so that the ghostkeel can move and fire it's fusion collider at BS4+ instead of BS5+. 4 - You already have firepower - Take shield drone instead of Gun Drone for a better protection of your army! Follow Forum Start Discussion Filters Show: Loading… Sticky [PLEASE READ]These Forums are for LISTS ONLY! But now, I want to actually get into playing with them. Once I destroyed the enemy transports, they couldn't catch me. [2000 points] Test Par AntoineH05. In previous games I dominated my opponents with longer range and my JSJ abilities (very little terrain). 1000 Point Eldar/Tau List Posted by Burn_Tide Here will be listed my 1000 point Eldar - Tau army. [1000 points] BattleForce + Start Collecting Par RsRaiders. Tossing Drone Controller on one or two Stealth Suits and giving Target Lock to the big guy is probably the way to go. You might want to reconsider the Dalyth sept for your vanguard detachment. Fire Warrior Shas'ui: Markerlight, Pulse blaster, Strike Team [2 PL, 38pts]. Ill get to it and post it up then talk about a few issues I'm having with it. 5 - I made a few tests with Borkhan in a 1k game and I found that due to the small map (4x4') It is not that good! 2 cadre fireblades-120 pts (each attached to a fire warrior group) Riptide-205 pts (ion accelerator,twin linked smart missile system,velocity tracker,friend has a flyer but could do without?) I'm not looking to be super competitive, but I'd like to be able to win. 1000 point armies. Good point. I'm not sure if I want to wait and drop them all in to support my stealthy bois or if I would rather send the Commander rocketing around from turn one, but it's definitely important for me to remember that saviour protocols can't help him if he does that. Army must follow all restrictions for army selection from its own Codex. Comments very welcome. T'au 2000 Par Fanchouille. [1000 points] TEST Par EryuValkar. If I do all that I'll probably replace the Ethereal with a Fireblade so I can still have two. Faction: T'au Empire: Points: 1000 Name: Semi-competitive: Game system: Warhammer 40k 8th edition: Score: 0: User: Manwe: Country: Linked tournaments : Waaagh tournament 40K - 1000 points n12; Army list details. To achieve those two goals (manipulating and maintaining) I have devised a list that allows me flexibility as well as a range gradient. 4x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle, Strike Team [2 PL, 38pts] . They suit my tastes in that I hate close combat and love shooting stuff! 1 - Just one thing - if you were thinking about Matched Play, remember that you are allowed only 2 Detachment in a 1k pts, and I see you got 3. 13. Tau 1000 point list help. Modifiée il y a 11 h. [2000 points] Borkan Par Dirvotjeff. Help with a 1000 Point list. With 36" range I probably don't need to worry about them getting shot off the map quickly. 1000 pts first list with new rules (sm codex + errata) Started by lonewolf81 , 06 Oct 2020 : 1 reply 727 views; Commander_Moustache 18 Oct 2020 Returning to the Fang Started by Brainpsyk , 17 Oct 2020 : 0 replies 243 views; Brainpsyk 17 Oct 2020 Saga of the Terminator Trials 9th edition Started by TiguriusX , 05 Aug 2020. 1,000 points the Tau vs Astra Militarum. I suppose Vior'la would go well with all the Assault weapons that detachment is using, and the T'au bonus pairs nicely with my inability to win in melee. That gives me 90 points to work with, which gets me a couple Rail Rifles on the Pathfinders with plenty of points to spare. I'm not looking to be super competitive, but I'd like to be able to win. Oh no! [1750 points] Western Enclave [Compétitif] Par Azok. True. I'm looking at ways to fit an XV8/XV85 with four CIBs, now that I'm looking at them. Ideally, the plan is for the Tactical Drones to deep strike in close to the Coldstar so they can soak up wounds while he shoots up tanks. I'm new to Tau and I was hoping to get some critique on this list I've been considering. Through Unity, Devastation, Markerlight, Warlord, ++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (T'au Empire) [34 PL, 622pts] ++, Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit [8 PL, 174pts]: Dynamic mirror field, 4x Fusion blaster, XV25 Stealth Battlesuits [7 PL, 108pts]: 2x MV1 Gun Drone, .
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