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Beware all dippers in ILLINOIS

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  • Beware all dippers in ILLINOIS


    My horrible experience with Chicago Dipped


    In order to keep this short, heres the quick version. Fast forward to the 1st time I picked up my car from them. Upon arrival, Kyle the installer, was with another customer. He never even acknowledged that I was there even after making eye contact with me. Several minutes passed then Kyle tossed me the keys and pointed in the direction of my car. I felt so horrible because I just paid a lot of money to have my car “Dipped” and he barely acknowledged me. No, “ Hello, how are you today?” or “Hello, Please give me one moment while I finish with this customer so I can go over the car with you”. Nothing.

    Upon review of the vehicle I noticed a few blemishes that Kyle also noted. His explanation was “this is not a perfect process”, which was not reassuring. They don't even have a spray booth at the time my car was dipped, there was dust and arm hair under the Plasti-Dip. Kyle was clearly was avoiding showing me the work done on my car. I felt worse! He didn’t even explain how to care for the dip. I was leaving and I felt very uncomfortable with his lack of professionalism and poor workmanship.

    Now, after several attempts and 250+ text messages between Jameson (Owner) and I, we still haven’t arrived at a solution . Jameson offered a full refund and they would peel the dip off. The next morning I changed my mind and contacted Jameson, He agreed to have the areas fixed. I didn't even request that they redo the whole job to save costs on repairs. I tried for the next few weeks to try and get a date and time locked in to drop off my car for repairs. There was always an excuse of why they couldn't get my car fixed. I was asking for advice on caring for my newly dipped ride and I was told to use Windex to clean and Febreze for luster with a non-microfiber cloth on my finish. Being new to the plastic-dip product, I felt unsure so I called DYC for advise. That resulted in Jameson texting me that he will no longer honor the option of refunding or repairing the vehicle due to my phone call to Fonzie (CEO of DYC for advise because Chicago Dipped represents DYC.

    After 3 chances to fix the problem and 17 days of them having my car, which caused me more problems because i could not use my vehicle. They finally “repaired” some of the mistakes, leaving lots of tape marks and lots of electrical tape. They might have used a full roll of black electrical tape on all the edges inside the doors jams to prevent the Plasti-Dip from peeling, instead of fixing the real issue. I was told from Nick ( Co-Owner) to keep re-applying the electrical tape as the tape and or dip peels. — unbelievable!

    Coming away from this experience I felt that my Jetta wasn't “cool enough” of a vehicle for them to do a professional job like the other vehicles that they proudly exhibit on their websites and social media accounts. To me it seems that women don’t get treated fairly from Chicago Dipped, especially if they don’t have a luxury brand vehicle. (Audi, BMW, Tesla, etc)

    Looking at my vehicle now you can clearly see that all the panels do not match. Kyle also broke the clip for the front grille, in which is not even re installed properly and is sticking out. The weatherstripping will also need to be replaced as well due to the installer Kyle.

    Please be aware of their lack of professionalism and workmanship. I hope no one experience the same struggles I went though with Chicago Dipped.

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    Sorry to hear about your horrible experience. That electrical tape fix is craaaaazy!
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      Thanks for the heads up. I was considering having them half dip my Cutlass, for a two tone result. I'll be sure to ask them to explain this customer service issue if I ever speak to them.


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        Ive talked to them over the phone last week and was blown away by how unprofessional they sounded. They sounded like kids who spray paint bicycles after school and not adults who professionally dip cars for a living. How these people are affiliates of DYC is ridiculous and looks bad for the company in general.