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#rxbb8: Star Wars BB-8 Halloween costume for my Mazda RX-8

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  • #rxbb8: Star Wars BB-8 Halloween costume for my Mazda RX-8

    Hi everybody! I'd like to share my dip project.

    It started with an all-car dip turning the car from its factory blue to white. After the white base coat had a day to dry, there was a lot of masking tape activity to create the design using aerosol cans. I utilized a lot of the tip and techniques people have shared in this forum. A few weeks later (work was spread out over whatever time I could spare, you know how projects go) I have #rxbb8: a Mazda RX-8 dressed up as Star Wars BB-8 droid for Halloween.

    RXBB8 1024.jpg

    It looks great at a distance and small forum pictures! Unfortunately it doesn't look as good up close, since I'm still a beginner and have a lot to learn. I can see my improvement through just this one project. The final stencil (silver pattern on the driver's door) is a lot better than the first stencil (orange wheel arches.) It'd be rude to flood this forum with all the build progress pictures I took as I went, but I did put a few collages up on Instagram tagged with the name of the project #rxbb8. (

    Thanks to everybody who have shared their experience on this "Stripes, Lines, Designs, Stencils" forum.

    3 gallons of white (50-state low VOC as I live in California now) applied via DipSprayer
    5 aerosol spray cans of Koi Orange
    2 aerosol spray cans of Aluminum
    1 aerosol spray can of Black

    3 rolls of 3M blue painter's tape
    Many square yards of painter's plastic.

    Reference material for Star Wars BB-8 from the BB-8 Builder's Club.

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    Looks good! Very cool idea...don't every feel like it's being rude posting photos, that's what the forum is for! Our Marketing and Media Manager, Jared, is a HUGE Star Wars fan. Please email him some photos at!