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Removing dip from ONLY emblems on a fully dipped car?

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  • Removing dip from ONLY emblems on a fully dipped car?


    Quick newbie question for un-dipping your emblems... Say you want to keep all your emblems stock chrome after a dip job, will the dip self-tear and come off the emblems as easy as it comes off the body when dipping the emblems? Possibly question of angles... Or do you need additional technique/procedures.

    I just dipped my first rims and then cleaned off the tiny emblems on the center cap and it wasn't going to go... It was going to come off the whole cap, possibly because I didn't prep the wheel correctly or because they were too small. I had to cut them out first with a scalpel-type knife, like fully through. Not something I mind doing on an old plastic center cap, but the car is a whole different story... If it does not self -tear easily, what is the proper technique? Masking off the emblems before dipping? Careful cutting (or at least scoring) the edges before peeling?

    Looks like Fonzie definitely dipped over the emblems for both DeepSea blue and Metallic madness SQ5, but end result is clean. I like that. Just don't want to screw it up needlessly.