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Rebadging is definitely the way to dip emblems/small pieces

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  • Rebadging is definitely the way to dip emblems/small pieces

    If and whenever possible; remove the item to be dipped ! I experimented with taping off and spraying the front H orange and it came out OK. It wasn't perfect, the prep time and taping wasn't very fum either, but it came out OK.
    We all want perfect lines and clean edges so I peeled everything and started over. I removed the front grill and took the H off, dipped them seperately and it all came together PERFECTLY.
    Also dipped the rear H and removed, dipped (black) and reinstalled the panel that holds the rear tag bracket.
    The time spent prepping and taping, then carefully removing the tape is not worth it ! Unless there's just too much involved in removing the parts, rebadging is bar none the nest method.

    Sorry I only have rebagding pics, but I do hope this helps some newer dippers.


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    looks good!


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      looks great man not much for debadgeing to dip myself but hey it looks good
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        I completely agree. Made dipping my accords emblems super easy and quick.


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          same deal with the chevy bow tie pop it off dip it slap it back on get bored of that color pop it off dip it again and viola


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            Are those pics with a filter? Or is your honda Nardo Gray!? Love it either way, great job


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              Would you recommend the best adhesive to reapply the emblems?