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** How to Post Your Pics on this Forum

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  • ** How to Post Your Pics on this Forum

    If you've never posted an image to a forum before, here is the easiest way to do it. Once you create a PhotoBucket account, it will be very simple for any future pictures you want to post .

    - To post a picture, first create yourself an account (free) with Photobucket: This process is only 2 steps.

    - Your pictures need to be on your computer - so if they are on your cellphone now, email them to yourself.

    - Once your Photobucket account is created, you'll see a green "Upload" button at the top of the page.

    - Click on the next green "Select Photos and Videos" button. This will bring up your PCs file folders. You can upload one at a time or many (if you want to upload more than one, click the first picture then before you click another one hold the 'Ctrl' key down while you choose all the others). When your done release the Ctrl key and click on "Open" - Photobucket will automatically begin the upload process.

    - Once the Upload is complete click on view pictures or album

    - When you scroll over each picture a 'drop down' menu will show up with 3 or 4 fields with different links you can use. Click on the IMAGE link (it's the last one on the drop down menu) for the picture you want to post. Copy and paste the IMAGE link.

    - Then come back here and create a New Thread or New Post in the section you prefer. Paste the IMAGE LINK in the text area. I will look like a bunch of coding, but if you copied the whole line, and submit the post, it will show up as an image!

    That's it! We're all excited to see your Dip Project Pictures!!
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    Beta Photobucket Users

    For all on the beta of Photobucket, similar process:

    After you've uploaded pictures to the site, click on your username in the upper right then click "User Settings".

    Once there, click on "Albums" to change settings for your photos/albums in general.

    On this page, the second bolded item shows Links and below that you'll want to make sure the box for "IMG Code" is check marked.

    Scroll down to bottom of page and click the blue/white "Save" button (page will refresh and then show a 'successful' message about the change).

    When you return to your library, there should be a "IMG Code" with coding in a bubble which you can then copy and paste into threads here so that you can show off your pictures. Happy posting!
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      imgur is the best
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