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Dipping Golf cart tops.

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  • Dipping Golf cart tops.

    Hello everyone, new to the forum, but I've been following dyc for a few years now. I've recently joined a business startup where we refurbish golf carts and usually make custom builds. We've gotten our hands on other custom carts where people have painted the plastic tops, but they usually have certain defects such as easy scratching, and the gloss bringing out the worst of the used tops. I've been painting ezgo rxv, club car, and miscellaneous tops with plastidip for a bit now, and they turn out much better looking. The only problem I've run into this far is one customer had it start peeling off on the handle. I'm wondering if anyone has used anything such as the primer successfully to create a stronger adhesion, especially in an area where someone might be resting their hand? I know using plastidip in a location where people are prone to touch is not ideal, but short of not using plastidip at all, has anyone had any luck with making it a much more durable, longer lasting product? Thanks!
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    We do offer Plasti Dip Primer, however that product has to be ordered over the phone with Customer Service at 855.847.5825