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High ress pictures of dipped cars

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  • High ress pictures of dipped cars


    I was looking into to mby getting a educated painter to dip my 1982 Audi 100 5E
    However i am not to sure on how good the plastidip finish is going to be, i know normal dip if out of the question as i want a high gloss, next to perfect finish.
    So i have been looking into the performance series of dip, i guess i still have to top this of with some sort of topcoat tho.

    Or even the proline..

    But anyways the question is does any1 have some close up high ress photos of "pro" dipped cars?
    All the images i find does not really show how the finish looks close up, one thing is how it looks from a distance, but i want a next to perfect paint finish close up aswell.
    From what i have seen so far on the few photos i found is that the dipped finish looks alot like the finish you get from powder coating.. that is fine for wheels but not the whole car.