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Any other dippers in Tacoma/Seattle area?

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  • Any other dippers in Tacoma/Seattle area?

    I want to start a FB group.

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    Go onto the DipYourCar Community, and Dippers Anonymous FB groups, and ask who's from your area. Start a group, and add them. On Easter Sunday this year, a few of us Chicagoland dippers started our own local FB group for services, and dip meets.
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    Audi B7 A4: Fully Dipped - Alien Pearl GC-47 Satin
    SN 95 Mustang: Wheels are dipped in RL-71 & GC-47 Mixture.
    Mercedes: Wheels Dipped in Alien Pearl GC-47 along with other misc. parts.


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      want to be, will be, and such. The spitfire is my candidate in the spring. This Winter will be used to smooth some door dings....


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        Renton area. Can travel up to Everett or down to Tacoma, as needed: I have Pro Kit, lots of OD Green, Black and OD Tan for my first project. What I do NOT have is a location. Apartment complex has a fit even if I open the hood of the truck... So..... Anyone in the area want to barter a dip location? You can use my Pro Kit with your color-of-choice. Weekend or weekday, doesn't matter. I work 6-weeks on, then 10-days off, so whenever.....

        Any suggestions?