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  • Dipping outside

    I donít have a garage. Has anyone dipped an entire car outside? If so, did it turn out well? Did you get a lot of debris in the paint?

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    I'm actually dipping my car currently outside in an alleyway. The car has been filthy every day I go out, but I usually just clean it off and let it dry a bit. The dirt isnt a bother to me, it hasn't effected me much. But the issue I have is that it is December.. so everything is taking forever to dry in the cold, which has caused me a lot of runs and drips. Now I'm starting to get use to my gun and the process, so my drips and runs are fading now. But the warmer the weather the faster it will dry.

    I'm going to try running a little naphtha on my drips and runs tomorrow with my finger, supposedly that helps level the raised dip and allows you to paint another coat and get a smooth finish. We shall see....