I never dipped anything before, however i want to dip my 07 bmw 530xi

with that being said, there are many photos of "camo green" plasti dipped cars

however some of them are nice olive/military green others are more of a tan

how do i get this camo green color in photos below.

i understand light is a factor for this

Speaking to DYC people they sent me a link to their camo green mini cooper, but to me that actually looks more like a desert camo tan. thats what i DONT want. DSC_0310_zps877a8c25.jpg

Anyone have any guidance for me to achieve a nice camo green?

the beautiful nissan is more the color i am aiming for 42e586743637cdf399dd21e46951f611.jpg
11176403_831809840205941_1254326624_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=OTczODYxNjI4NTY5ODgxOTg2.2.jpg 4c1c285c095e6304eabbdfa4e8b3d30d.jpg 8ef063ae69a56341d16c885182d36eb6.jpg are all also good.
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