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Pearls and Pigments Shop Life Daily Picture Thread !!

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  • ^^ those tires...are an eyesore..
    Dipp'n the world...


    • pictures not showing


      • picture not showing from 3 rd page on seems


        • ^^^ Not sure what's going on, definitely something on the back end of the Forum. When I go into Edit mode I can see the picture's HTML coding there, it's just not showing up for some reason.

          Example: Page 13 linked below. Some of the pictures show....some aren't, but when I click "edit" I can see the HTML code for the image, it's just not showing.

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          • The URL has changed for the photos that you've linked to the forum. If you copy and paste those URLs into your web browser you'll see that the links are broken and the photos are no longer accessible. You'll need to find the new links to those photos for it to work. All of those pictures seem to be hosted from Facebook and they change things often unlike photo sharing services like photo bucket and flickr.
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            • I was wondering what was going on there. I thought Jeremy took down the photos.
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